In brief:

1992 born in Nice, France

2013 bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts, cum laude, Aix-Marseille

2017 master’s degree in Visual Arts, cum laude, Aix-Marseille

2019 master’s degree in Management, specialty in Marketing, cum laude, IAE Aix-Marseille

2019 David Galloway, American art critics judges my art interesting and encourages me to pursue

2020 1 online appreciation, on Instagram, by Dita von Teese for the portrait I painted representing her

2020 exhibition at a major art fair at the Grand Palais, Paris

2020 1 online appreciation, on Instagram, by bernardobertolucci.org for the illustration I made for an online article about Stealing Beauty.

2021 creation of l’Abécédaire artistique (the Artistic alphabet book) on Le Magd du Ciné.fr

2022 L’Abécédaire artistique (the Artistic alphabet book) gets between 12 k et 20 k views/month

2022 Publication of my novel La Saison sauvage by les Editions Unicité

Born in Nice (France), in 1992, Sarah Anthony is both artist and author. Her novel La Saison Sauvage (The Wild Season) has been published on December 6th 2022 by Editions Unicité. She works remotely as a freelance illustrator, art director and copywriter, based in Aix-en-Provence, France. Sarah also exhibits her artworks and is learning tattoo.

She graduated from a Bachelor’s in Arts cum laude, a Master’s degree in Arts cum laude (both from Aix-Marseille Université) and a Master’s degree in Management & Marketing cum laude (IAE Aix-Marseille Université). Sarah has been practicing arts (painting, illustration, design) for 10 years, after spending her childhood drawing. She has been writing professionally for 3 year, and personnaly since she was a child. 

The French artist exhibited her art in France, Germany and the United States and have sold paintings on 3 continents. She has won 4 art prizes so far.

American art critics David Galloway encouraged her to pursue her work he found “interesting”. 

BernardoBertolucci.org appreciated her Stealing Beauty illustration for an online review on Le Mag du Ciné, and burlesque performer Dita von Teese appreciated her portrait, via instagram.

As an illustrator, art director and graphic designer, she has created designs for schools, online media, a big financial group, private companies, art books, etc. 

She also has been a writer for several years. After an experience as a Marketing & Communication officer for a company belonging to the L’Occitane Group, she started working as a freelance copywriter. Her clients include prestigious brands such as: AVNIER, Zalando, adidas, Reebok, Flying Blue (Air France), La Redoute, AMPM, KAYAK, SNCF, momondo, etc. 

Sarah is the manager of the Arts & Culture section and the Series section of online media Le Mag du Ciné (that receives up to 80 k visitors/month, up to 20 k for the Art section). 

Her illustration and writing practices come together in an online cultural chronicle. L’Abécédaire artistique, (the artistic alphabet book) created in 01/21, already receives 20 000 visits per month. Sarah is available for new illustration, design or writing projects. 

As a visual artist, she’s working on a transdiciplinary series of artworks showing pin-ups over text from Notre-Dame de Paris (Victor Hugo). 

Fiction & Book

The novel La Saison Sauvage (The Wild Season) has been published in France, on December 6th 2022 by Editions Unicité.


Lifestyle, fashion, children, advertisement, print, web…

My Dita von Teese portrait under the glass dome


+10 year practice of art

Copywriting & Translation

SEO, on line, off line, internal & external communication…

Cultural writer

Creator of l’Abécédaire Artistique (the artistic alphabet book), online illustrated art column on Le Mag du Ciné: 20k readings/month


Young tattoo artist

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