Grand Palais – Paris

Sarah Anthony, 2020:

I have had the amazing opportunity and honor to exhibit 2 portraits of my Through another medium series at the Grand Palais in Paris, during the Salon du dessin et de la peinture à l’eau, a major art fair organized by ArtCapital. It celebrated its 70 years of existence in 2020.

Dita von Teese, the Green Fairy and Julia Roberts, the Smile were visible from February 11th to 16th in this iconic parisian and historical French monument built in 1900.

Discover this great experience through the photos and commentaries below.

The Grand Palais, in Paris

I am posing in front of this French historical building. What an honor to exhibit 2 of my paintings under this amazing glass dome, in such a beautiful monument! The huge banner looks great between Le Greco and Toulouse-Lautrec!


9th February – Deposit of my two canvas at the Grand Palais

The art fair is being prepared. I am posing next to my painting, as well as in the center of the nave, holding the exhibition catalogue of the Salon du dessin et de la peinture à l’eau.


11th February – Vernissage and discovery of my Dita von Teese portrait hung. 

After going through the beautiful entrance of the Grand Palais, I check my name on the artists grid. I exhibit 2 paintings: a big and a small one.

My big painting is my portrait of Dita von Teese: Dita von Teese – The Green Fairy, 2019, acrylics and collage on canvas, circa 31.8 x 25.5 inches (81 x 65 cm)

I am posing next to it wearing a viridian dress, a nod to the green background of the painting, that is hung right under the glass dome.


11th February – Vernissage and discovery of my Julia Roberts portrait hung. 

My small painting is my portrait of Julia Roberts: Julia Roberts, the smile, 2019, acrylics and collage on paper, circa 10.2 x 7.8 inches (26 x 20 cm)

It is exhibited among the other small paintings in the famous “Yellow Room”.


The art fair from the stairs

2000 artists exhibit their artwork during this major international art fair. The nave is 13 500 square meter wide.


End of the day

My painting under the glass dome at night.

The entrance and exit of the Grand Palais under the colored lights, at night, with the Petit Palais in front of it.

The exhibition continues during 5 days until Sunday 16th. 


My portrait of Dita von Teese in the catalogue


What does Dita von Teese think of the portrait?

Art evolves with its time. Thanks to social media, I have been able to know that Dita von Teese herself has liked my portrait of her… What an honor!

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I hope one day I’ll be able to know the opinion of all the celebrities I have painted about their portrait.

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I would like to thank my partner and my family for their help making my participation to this art fair possible.