Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, the smile, 2019, acrylics and collage on paper
Julia Roberts, the smile, Sarah Anthony, 2019, acrylics and collage on paper, circa 10.2 x 7.8 inches (26 x 20 cm)

It was an easy choice for me to paint Julia Roberts: she’s simply a woman I adore. Thanks to her films, she always manages to give me back my smile when I feel blue, and I am sure many people share my experience.

She is, among other qualities, precisely known for her smile, big and sunny, that’s why I couldn’t paint her without it and painting it, I realized I could correct my mistakes without even looking at the photos since I know it by heart.

I was so young when I first saw her in a movie that I don’t even remember it and that it seems to me that she has always existed, this smiley and joyful actress.

In fact, Julia Roberts, in my eyes, is a true entertainer. A real artist who can capture and convey emotions in the fairest possible manner. This woman was born to act and she has fulfilled and keeps fulfilling her destiny as few people do.

I added collage: a wallpaper piece that I painted in vivid colors, trying to represent in abstract shapes and hues the “Julia Roberts effect” in a movie (a kind of feel-good impression).

I destined this painting to an Art Fair that occured at the Grand Palais, in Paris from the 11th to the 16th of February 2020, at the side of my Dita von Teese painting. It was required that one of this painting be little, so I painted this Julia Roberts portrait with an artistic constraint that was the size: circa 10.2 x 7.8 inches (26 x 20 cm). I had never painted a realistic face so small and I was afraid to fail, but I am so happy with the result that remains detailed. Even in a small portrait, Julia Roberts’ smile is big and cheerful! I don’t know why, but something in this wee painting reminds me of James Rosenquist’s work.

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