Katy Perry

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Katy Perry, Golden Girl from the Golden Coast, Sarah Anthony, 2020, acrylics and gold leaf on canvas, 18,1 x 14,9 inches (46 x 38 cm)

Californian singer Katy Perry is my 7th portrait, and probably the most accomplished. I decided on a head painting portraying an expression, that will, I hope, make people wonder: “What is she thinking about?”.

I also tried to apply strokes on my canvas with my paintbrush, in order to avoid any brush trace and to have the smoothest result. The choice of the hair color may surprise because many people imagine Katy Perry with black hair, as in her debut, but her real hair color and the one she has been having for several years now is blonde and I try to paint my models as they look at the moment I paint them. The hair shape was derived from Katy Perry’s recent hairdo and not based on a specific photograph. It was quite a work of imagination to represent the curls and the highlights.  I like the fact that it looks intemporal, both retro and modern.

The golden background was not a decision on the spur of the moment. Like the gold leaf, it popped into my mind ever since I started thinking of a Katy Perry portrait. I guess this very bright, warm and unusual color suits well this very lively performer from a sunny state (which also explains the title).

Katy Perry was on my list (of portraits to paint) from the beginning. I’ve liked her and her music from the beginning, from the very first single that was played on French radios, which was I Kissed A Girl, in 2008, when I was 16. Ever since, I’ve adored her artistic, funny and colorful songs and music videos, her recognizable contralto voice that is absolutely unique among nowadays female performers, her extravagant style. Every appearance of this woman is a source of inspiration. Through her music, she shares her vision of life, full of color, art, sun, fun, dreams, happiness, and of “everything is possible”.

This painting is featured in British magazine Wotisart ? #36 (March), London, England.

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