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Rihanna, the Lady, Sarah Anthony, 2020, acrylics, gold leaf, silver leaf, copper leaf and collage on canvas, 59 x 19.6 inches (150 x 50 cm)

Rihanna is an inspiring woman, extremely creative, always reinventing herself. As an artist, it is enriching to follow all the looks she has created throughout the years: every hairstyle, outfits seem to suit her. Her persona has allowed me to paint a very vivid portrait, with an alien dress, decorated dreadlocks and an abstract background. I allowed myself to use bright pink on her dress thanks to her warm golden skin. Rihanna’s behavior also was one of the reasons why I wanted to paint her: she is assertive, she has repartee, she is a free and strong woman, an artist as well as a businesswoman, with a very powerful, unique and easily recognizable voice.

I portrayed her with dreadlocks because she has been seen and photographed with those and I think they suit her a lot and I like the fact that she embraces her African and Caribbean legacy and emphasizes her attachment to her home island of Barbados.

In this painting, I tried to create a contrast between abstract and figurative art: Rihanna’s skin, face and hair are very realistic and detailed, whereas the gown becomes a flat surface for abstract painting, colorful shapes, collage pieces as well as gold, silver and copper leaves.  In this painting, my attachment to golden colors can be seen. All these elements could be put together in a Rihanna portrait because she is herself a very creative and daring woman. All those qualities made me name the painting Rihanna, the Lady.

This painting is featured in British magazine Wotisart ? #35(February), London, England.



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