Sophie Turner

Epoustouflante Sophie Turner, 2019, acrylics on canvas
Epoustouflante Sophie Turner, Sarah Anthony, 2019, acrylics on canvas, circa 28.7 x 23.6 inches (73 x 60 cm)

“Epoustouflante Sophie” means “Stunning Sophie”. This portrait represents Sophie Turner, young British actress famous for playing in Game of Thrones and Dark Phoenix. For these two roles, she is shown as a red-haired, though her real hair color is blonde. I chose to portrait her because as a teenager, she was thrown in front of the media stage and didn’t get the chance to grow up as every kid. She later developed an eating disorder and depression because of the public pressure put on her teenager’s body and mind. With the years, she managed to overpass critics and live her life to the fullest. She got married on July 29th 2019 in Provence, France, not far from where I live.

This painting is a way to show her as she really is: a young woman, a young bride, not only a movie and TV star. Finally, both Sansa Stark and Jean Grey are powerful female characters, and so is Sophie Turner, and I think it is a stunning achievement for such a young actress.

Below is a photo of me posing in front of this Sophie Turner painting among other portraits of which is a self-portrait (more info in Previous paintings). It was exhibited in Galerie ESDAC, in Aix-en-Provence, in September 2019.

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